Saturday, February 2, 2013

I want all that is not mine

It’s been ages since I blogged, and ages since I blogged anything that wasn’t lame and emo – I originally attempted to write something back in the second week of January and then got distracted…which I shamefully admit is often the way over here. Christmas, for what it’s worth, was brilliant. It was fun having family visit and getting to show them around Sydney, especially since most of them had never been overseas before. So yes, having a proper family Christmas at home made for a nice change.

Now I’m back in London and everything is great and lovely, and it’s baffling how this town feels so much like home. I don’t know how or when or why it happened, but somewhere around the end of last year it did, and so I find myself with a rather stupid grin on my face a lot of the time. It’s good to be back. I made the right call. Seems a bit pointless to do it now, but as I was on a plane on New Year’s day, I think I’ll allow myself this very (month!) late 2012 round up. So. Here goes -

Last year was pretty damn epic, all things told. I visited 14 countries, properly left home for the first time and set up a new life on the other side of the world (again.) There were some pretty significant downs during the year, but in the end it all evened out and I do not regret anything for a moment. Travelling, I think, is one of the best things you can do. And breaking out and standing on your own two feet is certainly a positive thing too. I think I’ve changed a lot, in a good way, so on that front, it was definitely a Good Year. And, to quote The Gaslight Anthem, I found that nothing truly matters that you cannot find for free.

Photo recap? Photo recap.

Best wedding ever?
Where it all began.
Because, Paris. Always charming. 
Lovely Lisboa, with it's many hills and sunshine and ginjinha.
Greatly overestimating the walkability of Barcelona.
Hobo-ing it up in Milan.
Freezing in Verona.
Because, Venice. Old school decadence.
Budapest. Unexpectedly amazing.
Hostel laundry night = despair.
Austrian National Library, Vienna. Want.
Neuschwanstein Castle in winter, so unbelievably picturesque.
Twitter exchanges about showers and shoe throwing. Ah, the madness in Prague. 
Being physically incapable of walking any further in Berlin.
Stockholm, natural habitat of the hipster...
...and hanging out with cool people.
Copenhagen. That's all. Just, Copenhagen.
London living.
Friends visiting and being touristy together.
And taking cool day trips with them.
Working in a ridiculously fun office.
Oh, and Olympic London. Pretty epic, really.

Also, drinking. Lots of drinking.
Halloween shenanigans.
Harry Potter fangirling.
Deep Scottish Love.
Multiple visits to pretty Edinburgh...
...and hanging out in Lizzie's fave cafe.
The realisation that, although things may change drastically in our lives, we'll always be a little insane.
Weekend in Northern Ireland.
Tourist life, yo.
Summer in Sydney. Still the best.
Afternoon beach walks with my dog. Missed it desperately.
Exploring new places and birthday celebrations.
The mayhem of a Sydney New Year's Eve.
No one does it better.
I’m not really one for making resolutions, but if I had to have a goal for this year, it would to finish one of my novels. And I want to get back to seriously researching, and applying for, my PhD. And I want to make the most of my year in the UK, just really get the most out of London living cause for all I know, this is the last time I’ll have this opportunity. I guess living life in the moment is the most important thing I learned last year, and that’s something I definitely want to keep up. And hell if you make mistakes or get hurt or find yourself disappointed, that’s important too, at least it means you’re actually living.

And, to end, here’s my top song of 2012. This band basically soundtracked the year.

Music: Smother - Daughter


  1. it was a good year! 2013 will be better!

  2. I'm really hoping to get back to blogging more regularly again!