Thursday, February 21, 2013

Captain's log: Teleportation still not working

Today it seemed like everyone in the office was talking about their upcoming travel plans. It has made me incredibly restless. To travel! To go somewhere new! To be warm again! These are all things I very much approve of.

So I’ve spent a large part of today alternating between crying over my bank balance and researching potential holiday destinations. Somewhat ironically, none of them were warm. I still want to go to Helsinki and Tromso and Iceland, so those were my first thoughts. But if you’re going north at this time of year, you’d be mad not to fit in a Northern Lights experience and once I start factoring that in, everything gets kind of out of control. Plus I promised mum I’d go to Tromso with her. And I’m waiting for Kat to come visit so we can go to Iceland.

Casting those aside then, I realised I’m left with very little choice. I also realised that I can’t really talk about travel without sounding like a douche. Oops. Anyway, I don’t want to go somewhere I’ve already been so that immediately disqualifies most of western Europe. I also don’t want to go anywhere that takes longer than 10 hours to get to because that’s halfway home and feels like a waste of energy – which is really sad because most of the travel deals being pitched is for Fiji or Thailand. It would be incredibly lovely, but come on, it makes much more sense to visit those when I’m living in Sydney.

I thought about Turkey and Greece, but I’d prefer to do those with friends. I’m also quite keen to go to Morocco but again, it’s a bit of a drag to organise if you’re a solo traveller. And I’m lazy. And mostly driven by whimsy at the moment. So where can I go? Wheeeeere? If I’m not lured by the promise of fancy natural phenomena, then I want to be warm. I think maybe Portugal is the answer. I’ve only been to Lisbon, so there is scope for further explorations, and it was also surprisingly pleasant there around this time last year. So maybe there’s hope for defrosting after all.

Of course everything is hinged on budget flights, woe. I’m such a complete and utter airline snob. It’s horrific how bad I get about it. I disgust myself. I will sleep in a dodgy hostel and eat nutella out of a jar for dinner for a week, just don’t ask me to fly a budget airline. It is hell on earth.

Bizarrely, it would be cheaper for me just to go home for a two week holiday rather than go somewhere else. And because I am a lunatic, I am actually considering it too. Warmth!
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