Sunday, October 30, 2011

Echoes of a city

I have the new Florence + The Machine playing, the neighbourhood is quieting down and Oreo is snuffling outside under the window. All in all, things aren't too shabby. I'm utterly exhausted and should really be doing other things but you know, still.

The move is pretty much complete. Just a couple more boxes to unpack and things to move into place, but generally, it resembles a house.

New room
New study
I at least won't be heading back to the old place again. I'll miss it, but I can't deny the new place has a lot more room. Dad's certainly appreciating the lack of stairs. The community is very friendly too - and very family-orientated. All the kids in the street seem to be playing together outside all the time. It's sort of charming in an old-fashioned kind of way.

I took time out of the horrors of moving/cleaning last night to attend a Halloween shindig hosted by lovely people from my writers group. As I'm too cheap to invest in a proper costume at the moment, I instead raided my wardrobe and went as Ramona Flowers. I think it worked out pretty well!
Not the greatest pic - someone, somewhere has a full-length I'll share at some point. But I have to admit I really loved being Ramona. She's awesome. It was a fun night too, I'm glad I managed to drag my sore, sorry self out for it. Everyone made an effort and dressed up and were generally brilliant - quite a feat for an Australian Halloween thing (I blame the heat, it's always too hot for any costuming). Also, almost everyone recognised who I was meant to be which I feel is a testament to the level of awesome of the people I hang out with. Yes, awesome is my word du jour lately. Don't know why.

Finally, today marks the tenth anniversary of our arrival in Australia. It feels like it's been a lot longer somehow. I am forever grateful to my parents for making the hard decision when it came up. No matter where I may wander off to, I'll always love you Sydney.

Now I think I might go and collapse in a pile somewhere. And catch up on some Merlin.

In the meantime, tell me which cover of the X-Men: First Class limited edition I should buy! Charles or Erik? I can't decide!

Music: Heartlines - Florence + The Machine


  1. Sydney wouldn't be the same without you!!!

    Glad things are mostly settled at the new place.

    And I think you should get both. Because I know you probably will...

  2. I can't afford both, the horror. I'm sitting here staring at it trying to decide. I'll get,, Erik! Oh my god, someone put me out of my misery!

  3. Get Erik for his sexiness. Charles would understand. He's the best friend, remember?

  4. This is true. I'll just have to resist his beautiful, beautiful eyes.