Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter is coming

Just did a quiz on which A Song of Ice and Fire House I belong to and I am, drum roll please, a Stark. Can't say I'm surprised. Now if only I had time to read the books, gah.

You Scored as HOUSE STARK.

Brrr. You hail from House Stark. Your house seat is Winterfell way up North. You are responsible, trustworthy, and know how to be a leader when called upon. You are a workhorse for the realm, and even with all those good things, sometimes you don't come out on top.

Your house motto: Winter is Coming.

House Stark                       85%
House Greyjoy                   75%
House Tully                         75%
House Martell                     65%
House Targaryen                 55%
House Tyrell                         55%
House Baratheon                50%
House Arryn                        50%
House Lannister                  40%
House Frey                          10%

Music: Play crack the sky - Brand New

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