Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One track mind

Work is blocking travel sites as quickly as I can access them. Seems they are on to me and my trip planning ways. I’m just check things as they come to me, alright? I’m still working too, promise.

Anyway. I’ve been AWOL, apologies. Despite what the above might suggest, work has been entirely mad the last few weeks and I’ve barely had time to breathe. And since it feels like I hardly ever have time at home in front of ze computer, blogging suffers. C’est la vie.

My life at this very moment in time revolves pretty much entirely around airfares. Specifically, how to get out of paying them. It offends my delicate sensibilities to have to deal with how expensive everything is. Wah. And staff travel, it appears, is failing me. While staff are entitled to fly with partner airlines, most of them only allow staff’s children under 24 years of age. I just miss it by mere months! Life is cruel. And yet more proof that it's the worst age ever. You cannot imagine my horror when I discovered this the other night. And, not only that, BA are even more cruel and insist the staff member fly with you or they won’t let you on at all. Sigh.

I know most of you have absolutely no sympathy for me in this particular regard, but you don’t understand. This is a way of life for me. I’ve never known any other kind of travel. And to have it so suddenly yanked out from under me is…well, painful. Woe. Anyway. I can still fly Qantas till I’m 26, so screw all you other airlines. I’m going everywhere they fly before then, dammit! Even though they’re becoming very obnoxious and swapping their routes out with Jestar, like Hawaii *headdesk*

But my very, very, very vague plans until someone at the airport rains on my parade is to fly Qantas to JHB, Lufthansa to London (via Frankfurt) and then probably Swiss Air to NY (via Zurich – which seems a bit counter-intuitive to me, but hey, whatever). I’ll have to buy an actual ticket to get to Honolulu from San Fran/LA, and then I think it’ll maybe work out better for me to fly Honolulu – Sydney, then on to Auckland from here. Or wherever we decide to go when we don't want to come back to this so-called real life.

In other news, travel insurance is rather expensive as well. Don’t they realise I have a very strict budget for this trip? I’d take my chances but it seems like tempting fate…and my mother would have an apoplexy if I left without insurance. Or if I couchsurfed. Which is looking mightily tempting, let me tell you. But never mind. Being broke is all part of the adventure, right? Right.

If only someone would give me a weekend job, and buy my car for a decent amount, I could stop being such an annoying penny-pincher. I don’t think it suits me at all.

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