Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shopping time!

I have been paid, I have a new job, it’s a loooooong weekend and I want to buy a t-shirt. This is how I celebrate (well, I also celebrate by having too much rum, but we took care of that last night SO! Moving on.) Problem is I am still a skint backpacker really, so I can’t go nuts and buy ALL the things, like I really want to. And that’s where you lot come in. Opinions pleeeeease, dears. Vote for the shirt you like most and help me pick the latest addition to my geek arsenal.

The only qualifying remarks I will offer on this is that I am leaning towards a Sherlock tee, and also that I don’t particularly want another black tee as pretty much all the tshirts I have with me are black - a little diversity would be good.

Anyway, here goes. Ten shirts to choose from. Yes, I know that’s a lot but it took me ages to get it down to even that. Yes, I have issues. That’s why we’re here people! (Also I had nothing to do at work this morning and too much time on the internet leads to too much choice. What can I say.)
Elementary - The first of the Holmes options. You can't really see it here but the shirt is like a creme
colour which I'm not very keen on, but it's a Threadless tee so at least I know it's decent quality.
Moriarty Crown - probably the most expensive of my selection but also kinda my favourite.
I like shirts that are more obscure in its references.
Spruce Moose - Absolutely cracked up this morning when I saw this. Classic Simpsons moment. 
Avengers Assembly - I was amused.
Loki - I do what I want Thor! Quite fond of this one too,
again cause it's kinda random.
Starfleet Academy - I do worry that I'd feel like too much of a fraud if I got a Star Trek shirt.
Princess - I do not own any Star Wars tees. This seems like an oversight.
Sherlock - Third of the Holmesian options.
Travelling Lemon - Again, love it for the obscurity. Unless you're a
Cabin Pressure fan this will make absolutely no sense. Brilliant.
Harry Stardust - I just really like this design.

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