Thursday, May 10, 2012

Up and over it and over them

There are a couple of things I find oddly satisfying about living in London. Silly things, like when people ask for tippex or sellotape. I can revert back to those terms again! I don’t know, it amuses me. Oh, and being able to elongate my a’s without someone looking at me funny.

Life trudges along merrily. I had a rather eventful bank holiday weekend as M and A were in town, time for some Extreme Tourism™ For those unfamiliar with this craze, it means cramming as many touristy things into a single day as humanly possible. I think we did very well.

Having arrived on Thursday morning, the poor things made the critical mistake of taking an afternoon nap – naturally they were in a rather zombified state when I met them for dinner that night. They were very upbeat and positive though, boding well for their first trip to Europe. I’m very impressed by how much they managed to do despite the jet lag – definite A for effort!

I took them shopping late on Saturday and then it was off to the West End for The Lion King. Thankfully the rain managed to stay away on Sunday and it was actually kind of pleasant for us to walk everywhere and see all the things! Well ok, maybe not all, but we did the major tourist sites at least. I was quite sad to wave goodbye to them that evening, it was so much fun to share in their first-time London joy. I’ll probably do a post about it all on Winchester Chronicles, and I’ve also asked M to guest blog about her time. Keep an eye out.

In other news…there is no news. Work is uneventful, if mundane. Been a bit busy the last week or so doing canvassing which, in my humble opinion, is the biggest waste of time ever. I just don’t see how it could possibly be an effective marketing technique – who even reads these letters? I know I never do when we get them at home. It goes straight in the recycling. Pointless. It’s almost as annoying as people who call in when they get a missed call and expect me to know who rang them and why. I loathe that. Why do people do it? Just. No.

Anywhoodle, I think I’ve settled in well here though, everyone is friendly and it’s a nice enough environment to work in most of the time. There’s only one person I have a genuine dislike for in the office (the majority are likeable and the rest I’m indifferent to). She is one of the managers although her job mainly appears to be wandering around outside and dodging her clients. I have never known her to return a call, and actually, it’s very rare for her to even take a call (which I have the privilege of screening.) There’s a fine line between being busy and being a rude and she is on the wrong side of it. I have no patience for it.

What else can I report on? There was a hyper guy outside the office yesterday, carrying on about Paul McCartney. At first I was perplexed and vaguely concerned for his sanity, but then I had to head down the road and realised he was raving because Paul McCartney was actually there. I think it’s safe to say he’s a big fan. Such is life in the Wood. (My main observation about this area is a) it’s overrun by Americans and b) it’s in some sort of vortex because you’re always greeted by a sub-arctic blast at least five degrees lower than anywhere else when you exit the station.)

Had a lovely dinner and Game of Thrones viewing sesh at Chez Osbiston last night. Always fun. Speaking of, if you love your retro-vintage gear, check out ra ra Retro. The shop will launch in June and you’re bound to find some real gems.

Other than that, I have so much writing to do. Starting with my thesis proposal cause I really need to get everything sorted and applying for admission/scholarships/what have you. I also have an article due at the end of June and I’ll have another one to do next week - off on assignment to the London Sevens this weekend. So thrilled, I can’t even tell you. Then of course I do still have my own writing to get on with. I need to stop making excuses. It’s a serious problem. I truly am my own worst enemy.

Well, I better get back to work…or pretending to do work rather, the printer is el broken so no canvassing can be done and I’ve already done all my other work. Efficiency, thy name is Jen. Yesterday I spent most of the day planning future trips and trying to see how far I can get on my meagre, non-existent budget. I can’t believe that I have the travel bug again when I’ve scarcely been back for a month…and technically I’m still travelling anyway! I have issues.

Right, work. Shutting up.

Music: Hell - Tegan and Sara

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