Friday, April 27, 2012

London Calling

Ugh. I don’t understand how people deal with this weather. I really don’t.

Yes, blog, I am alive and relatively well in London town. Almost been back a month, you’d think I could get my act together long enough to start blogging again. But in my defence it’s been a manic blur of boring admin stuff – updating CVs, writing cover letters, applying for jobs and attending interviews. Not to mention the absolutely mundane necessity of trying to organise a bank account and national insurance number. Oh, and room hunting. Doesn’t exactly make for thrilling blogging.

Nonetheless, it’s all necessary in the elusive quest for employment which I thankfully didn't have to brave for long. Very lucky there. I’ve been working as a receptionist (dear god, I forgot how boring it is) at a real estate company for the last two weeks. It was the first one I interviewed for and while I also went for a couple of other interviews, I decided to take it when they offered it. Considering that I’m absolutely flat broke, I didn’t think I could really afford to be fussy. This is what backpacking gets you – broke.

Anyway, it’s not too bad. The people are quite nice and the job is hardly a challenge. I should have a fair bit of time on my hands to do some writing at the very least. Today is the first day they’ve trusted me enough to let me work by myself – thus far, the outgoing receptionists has been ‘training’ me. This mostly seemed to involve her showing me a couple of things and then shopping online for various car related things. It’s been riveting stuff. I’m so glad to be on my own now, I was starting to go a bit mad. No receptionist needs to be trained for two weeks, it’s absolutely insanity. I’m not building a nuclear missile here, I’m answering phones and sending emails. After the absolute mayhem of publishing, this is a nursing home. Honestly *shakes head*

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much. Since my room isn’t available until May, I’ve been staying at F’s place which has led to a wonderfully surreal commute to work. It’s really quite cool to walk past the Houses of Parliament every day. I’m going to miss it. Even if I do get quite terrible tourist rage – look, when I’m grumpily marching towards the tube, it’s hard to summon the patience to navigate groups of loud, camera-wielding tourists clogging up the sidewalk. What else have I been up to? Let’s see…oh, attended the London Marathon with Abbi, Paul and Paul’s lovely family; watched a whole lot of random television; started a Dwarf Fortress quest and I’m still alive mwhahahaha (thanks to expert guidance, it must be said); finished A Storm of Swords (oh dear god, why, why did I ever get into this, my soul hurts) and Mockingjay (meh comes to mind) and…um, I think that’s about it.

As always, I have heaps to do. I need to write an article for one of my old mags (yay, commissions!) and I also need to write a PhD proposal since I want to start applying. I sent of requests for references to four of my favourite tutors and two immediately emailed me back to volunteer. It’s silly but it did sort of give me the warm and fuzzies for a bit – I really respect these people and it’s nice to think that they actually remember me, let alone will write a reference. I’m actually really excited about getting this PhD thing going. I think it’s time I just admitted it – university is where I belong. Lecturing is probably my future. We’ll see I guess.

I’m going to apply to the University of Otago for study next year. They’re my current favourite and I’m constantly overwhelmed by missing NZ. Which is weird, but hey. There’s no way in hell I could afford to study over here, and it’s probably too far from home if I’m honest. I don’t think I can ever actually live here with any sort of permanence…the weather alone would drive me round the bend.

Better find something work-related to do for a bit. Further updates as events warrant (and further updates forthcoming at the ol travel blog at some point in the near future as well.)

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