Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swim across an ocean

Look what arrived today...

Yes, I really am this lame. But look! Don't X-Men: First Class (aka my life partner) and I make a lovely pair? The best thing is that Charles is on the back of the case so I didn't have to choose after all! Oh, what a weight off my mind that is. (Priorities, I don't have them. What? I keep saying there needs to be a support group.)

In related news, they've hired a writer for a first draft script for the sequel. This makes me very happy. Finally, there is hope! I may actually get what I've been whining about these last few months. Now, get Michael Vaughn on board again and do exactly what you did last time, only better.

Yeah yeah, I know. Just let me have this, ok? Life is chaotic and busy and painful and I've got so much to do and not enough time to do it, and I really don't want to blog about all the angsty nonsense going on. All those and's are totally intentional. So let's all just appreciate the awesome mutants and the glory of McAvoy and Fassbender instead. They make everything better.

Music: MFEO Pt 1 - Jack's Mannequin

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